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What did I learn in graphic design?   Hmmm I learned quite a bit, from how to trace a room on the computer to photoshopphing myself into a picture.  This was one of my most enjoyed classes this year.  Mrs. Davis always worked with us when we had a problem and explained how to do each lesson enthusiastically.  I am glad that I was signed up for Graphic Design

Could I use the information I was taught in this class  in my future?  One word, yes.  This was a very valuable learning tool in my education if I ever need to make a desin logo or spice up a picture I know how to do that now thanks to this class.  I’m sure in the future all of my fellow co-workers will be quite jealous of my accesive knowledge of graphic design information.

Not only was this class very educational I had the privelege of sitting next to some of the nicest, and most helpful people I have ever met at this high school.  Whenever I missed a day of class or didn’t understand a lesson not only would my teacher help me with anything I needed help with but my neighbors would as well.

I thouroughly enjoyed this class and I hope to be able to take Web Page design next year and learn more about the computers and its very interesting tricks.   From moving items backwards and foward with the click of a button to being able to hide an object the computer is a very interesting and very factual object.

In conclusion next year I hope and pray I get a class like this again.  The things I learned in this class will remain with me always I am proud to say that I took graphic design and that I learned all of the things that I did learn. Next year will be very rememerable if I am in web page design just like this year was.


{May 8, 2009}   Rap. Negative or positive?


“Now hush little baby, don’t you cry. Everything’s gonna be alright. Stiffen that upperlip up little lady, i told ya
Daddy’s here to hold ya through the night. I know mommy’s not here right now and we don’t know why
We feel how we feel inside. It may seem a little crazy, pretty baby. But i promise momma’s gon’ be alright”  These are the lyrics are from the song Mocking Bird by Eminem, yes this song is a rap song.  But in my opinion instead of having a negative connotation this song is somewhat inspirational to me, its basically a dad telling is daughter to hold her head up and that she is going to get through the bad times.

Now don’t get me wrong, no all rap songs are inspirational, they talk about sex, money, drugs.  Teenagers are narrow minded and if we hear the same thing over and over again eventually we’ll start to believe “hey it can’t be too bad, Lil Wayne sings about it, society repeats it constantly it can’t be THAT bad.”   After we start to believe its not that bad, we start to take part in it.  Teens having sex without mentally preparing themselves for the reality that comes afterwards, kids smoking pot without actually thinking about the consiquenecs of those actions, and teenagers doing anything and everything they can do to get money no matter what it takes.  SOME teenagers have this reaction to rap music. SOME don’t.

Think about this though, in every movie that has been rated over the PG level in the past 20 years has been FILLED with sex, drugs, violence and greed.   Tv channels such as E! bring in most of their ratings by talking about sex scandals and drug abuse.  These things that rappers fill their lyrics with are the exact thing society has already filled our minds with.  So should we really blame the rappers and the rap music?

I for one am going to keep listening to rappers such as T-I and Eminem, I don’t belive its the rappers that have had a negative influence on society but society has had a negative influence on itself.  Until they take all the “negativity” out of Hollywood I’m going to keep on listening to “that” kind of music.

{April 27, 2009}   Time capsules year 2096



Its the year 2096 , I’ve probably already passed away and left behind children, grand children and great grand children.    I’ve also left behind though a little piece of me in a time capsule from when I was 17 years old and a junior at high school.  What would you put in a time capsule?  A locket from your sweetheart?  A picture of you and your best friend at graduation?  Your first teddy bear?  People put memories in time capsules and store them away for other people to see years down the road. 

What would I put in my time capsule?  A picture of me and my boyfriend at prom, perhaps.  My old journal in which I wrote short stories in when I was little.   My old cell phone that I used obsessively when I dated said boyfriend.  Or would I want people to remember me in a different way?  For things that I onced accomplished like my first prize trophey that I won on the forensics team, or my second prize medal for landing the hand stand when I was 7. 

How do you want to be remembered?    In 2096 it would be 87 years since I wrote this blog and planned what I would put in my make believe time capsule.  If i live that long I will be 104, but right now I’m seventeen, a junior, a teenageer, confused, boy crazy , and immature.  I don’t know what I want out of life.  I don’t know what I want to be when I’m an adult but i do know that I want to be remembered for things I did, or said in my life for how I made people feel and for who I really was.

Keeping that in mind I think I’ll stick with putting my ipod in the time capsule since music seems to really define me,  the old stories that I wrote.   A picture of me with my boyfriend with a grin that could go for miles on my face and a picture of me with my friends laughing and carrying on like we usually do.  Because in reality thats what makes up who I am and thats what I want to make up my time capsule.

So what would you put in your time capsule?  87 years from now how do you want people to remember you when they dig up your time capsule?  How are you going to live your life so people can see you the way you want them to?   Have a good life and fill up your memories and your time capsule with meaningful things.

{April 27, 2009}   Teens: Cautious drivers?


 Two years ago on fathers day I was in a wreck.  Not a fender bender or a tiny little scratch but a full blown, life threatening wreck.  We were hit by an underaged, unlicensed teenager who didn’t have any insurance on the car he was driving which belonged to his sister.   The teenager ran a red light and t-boned my mother and I as we were leaving walmart.  They hit my moms side of the car and we  basically flew.  Now my mom has back, knee and hip problems and I have problems with my back, ribs and neck.  Driving dangerously is a serious issue and can cause serious damage.

I’m 17 and licensed. The world is mine to travel.  I check my mirrors and buckle up before I put the car in drive.  I don’t speed.  I am a cautious driver , just ask my allstate insurance guy and he’ll tell you the same thing.  Some teens are not cautious drivers though.  They speed, they drink and drive and they do things that will be harmful to themselves and to others when they are behind the wheel.   In my opinion these people need to either become wiser with the way they drive or get their license revoked.

There are ways to make yourself a cautious driver, you can take drivers ed at school not only does this teach you the rules of the road but it also teaches you how to be cautious and gets you a discount on your car insurance.  Those things in general should be a reason to want to be a good driver. That and because you will be keeping yourself and others safe.

If there are more cautious drivers in the world we will all be alot safer and less tragic events will occur, like wrecks and unneccessary deaths.  We should buckle down on the law about cautious driving and try to make more people more aware.   If people are more aware of whats going on while they are driving the world will be a much safer place.

{April 13, 2009}   Biggest problem with teens…


The biggest problem with teens?  What is it you may ask…. I think the biggest problem with teens is thinking we can handle everything and that we know everything when in all honesty we don’t.  We know that the square root of 4 is 2 and we know the whole alaphabet but outside of school what do we know?  STOP when you come to a red light and don’t chew your gum loudly.. Okay yeah we sure do know alot.  But how do you handle a situation like suicide? Or wrecking your first car? Or getting fired, again. Or your best friend getting caught with drugs?  I don’t know the answers to these and I’m a teenager….. Darn it I guess we don’t know everything.

Teenagers, tomorrows future, looking around me at this very minute I’m not sure if that is going to be the down fall of society or the making of something wonderful. All I know right now is that the biggest problem with teens today is that we really don’t know as much as we think.  All around us there are drugs and violence and we don’t know how to handle them.  We act like we have the answer to every single answer in the world when in all reality we don’t.  So what do we do when the world comes crashing down around us?  We SHOULD talk to someone older than us, wiser, who has more experience, but we don’t. We SHOULD step out of the situation and let it fall into place, but we don’t.  Because if we did that we wouldn’t really be acting like teenagers at all we would be acting like we knew something… When really we don’t.

So let’s examine this situation further, being a teenager I argue with my mother about everything. She can’t be right ever, I just won’t allow it.   I know how ridiculous this is because I’ve taken part in our arguements I basically will argue with her about anything until its proven that I am right and she is wrong “The sky is blue.” “NO its definitely green.”  Our arguements are as petty and stupid as that.  What I should do is realize that after her 40 some odd years of life she probably knows more than I do at my mere 17 years of knowledge, I should just realize how smart she really is and how dumb I really sound.

Teenagers in general are smart people and eventually we will get very far in life.   Our problem is though we think we know every single thing.    We could use this for our advantage, think we know everything about geometry maybe that will boost our self esteem and make us do well and make an A.



High school students today face many stresses, from school work, to part time jobs, to drama with friends and signifigant others to family issues.  Even with these stress issues students are expected to be fully concentrated on their school work and to make good grades this is a difficult task at some points though.

Recently at my school there was a suicide , the student who killed themselves was a people person, always knew how to have fun.  A total party animal.  But don’t get me wrong they had their stresses, school, parents, friends , drugs and every single day they had to come to school and deal with school work , homework and teachers.  Sometimes those stresses are just too much. 

I think that high school should be a place of learning and education.  But I don’t think that teachers should put so much pressure on students all the time, there are other ways to teach a child besides stressing them out to their limit.  Along with highschool stresses many students have part time jobs and work from right after school to very late hours in the evening which leaves very little time for homework, let alone sleep but you can’t afford a missing homework grade so you have to stay awake.

Students have so much weight on their shoulders to get their homework done , to preform well at work to put on a smiling face for their families and their friends.  We deserve more breaks and we deserve less stress its not healthy how much pressure highschool puts on us.

In conclusion I think stress can be a good thing , it makes you more determined and it allows you to focus on getting the job done, but I don’t think its healthy for one person to have so much stress they got to give us some slack every now and then. Its only fair for students to get a little bit of a break.  What do you think? Do you think there should be mroe stress or less?

{March 30, 2009}   Affluenza


Have you ever heard the expression “keeping up with the Joneses“? The Joneses buy a new car, you buy a new car. The Joneses buy a brand new television you buy a brand new television. The term for this is affluenza, which basically means a stress and an indebtedness to keep up with the American dream. This not only happens in society but it happens in high schools as well. Young people spend their time and energy on keeping up with the latest trends and keeping up with the Joneses. Why do people do this though? What strives us to keep up with the latest thing? Is it a feeling of importance or do we just want to be in style? What makes us want to be like “the Joneses”?

Who are “the Joneses” of society? The rich, the wealthy the popular? In high schools the most popular girls are the Joneses they are who we refer to, to find out what to buy and what to wear. In my opinion this is a social disease. People are addicted to being up to date with the latest trend and with having all the new things, this is unhealthy and unsafe. How do we change this though? Can we really make people think for themselves and buy what is needed not what everyone else has? 

I believe that people should think for themselves.  So to break free from this indebtness to society, families, teenagers and just people in general should think for themselves and not resort to the Joneses telling them what to shop for.  People would be much happier this way.

In conclusion, why keep up with the Joneses when you can keep up with yourself and what you really need? Stop wasting money and time by doing things that everyone else does.  Enjoy your life and just be yourself.

{March 23, 2009}   School Uniforms
In highschool what you wear is a big part of identifying who you are, school uniforms take that identification away.    Most students at our school do not think we should change to uniforms, I agree.    Individuality is what makes life fun, if everyone was exactly the same and wore exactly the same thing life would be so dull.    Its nice to wake up every morning and being able to decide what you wear, noone wants a school board to pick out your entire wardrobe for them.   
 I believe that highshcools should not have uniforms. Although many schools want students to have uniforms to correct behavior issues, the uniforms will not change the way kids act.  If anything making the students wear uniforms will cause more behavioral problems within the school.  The school board should let students wear what they choose to wear but I do think that they should have rules involved such as no tummy shirts, or short skirts, or really baggy pants.  If students can wear what they want they can really show who they are.  Uniforms violate the students choice of wardrobe and fashion.
I have grown up in a world that tells us to be different and to express yourself. Each and everyday I express myself through what I wear and the clothes I put on. Schools are strict enough as it is and I think they should give kids the choice of what they wear since they don’t really give us the choice for anything else.  Uniforms should be the last resort of punishment for clothing vialations.
Picture yourself in a school, walking down the halls, your looking for a friend, but everyone is dressed the same and you can’t find your friend. THIS is what uniforms would be like, they would be a miserable onsight of the same thing over and over.  Nothing would ever change and nothing would be different.
In conclusion I do not think that any school should have school uniforms just because I believe in individuality. If you are reading this and you believe that schools shouldn’t permit uniforms, speak up.  I believe in a world where everyone should be able to wear what they choose to wear.sapporo-junior-high-school-female-uniforms3

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