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{May 15, 2009}   What did I learn in this class…?


What did I learn in graphic design?   Hmmm I learned quite a bit, from how to trace a room on the computer to photoshopphing myself into a picture.  This was one of my most enjoyed classes this year.  Mrs. Davis always worked with us when we had a problem and explained how to do each lesson enthusiastically.  I am glad that I was signed up for Graphic Design

Could I use the information I was taught in this class  in my future?  One word, yes.  This was a very valuable learning tool in my education if I ever need to make a desin logo or spice up a picture I know how to do that now thanks to this class.  I’m sure in the future all of my fellow co-workers will be quite jealous of my accesive knowledge of graphic design information.

Not only was this class very educational I had the privelege of sitting next to some of the nicest, and most helpful people I have ever met at this high school.  Whenever I missed a day of class or didn’t understand a lesson not only would my teacher help me with anything I needed help with but my neighbors would as well.

I thouroughly enjoyed this class and I hope to be able to take Web Page design next year and learn more about the computers and its very interesting tricks.   From moving items backwards and foward with the click of a button to being able to hide an object the computer is a very interesting and very factual object.

In conclusion next year I hope and pray I get a class like this again.  The things I learned in this class will remain with me always I am proud to say that I took graphic design and that I learned all of the things that I did learn. Next year will be very rememerable if I am in web page design just like this year was.


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