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{April 27, 2009}   Teens: Cautious drivers?


 Two years ago on fathers day I was in a wreck.  Not a fender bender or a tiny little scratch but a full blown, life threatening wreck.  We were hit by an underaged, unlicensed teenager who didn’t have any insurance on the car he was driving which belonged to his sister.   The teenager ran a red light and t-boned my mother and I as we were leaving walmart.  They hit my moms side of the car and we  basically flew.  Now my mom has back, knee and hip problems and I have problems with my back, ribs and neck.  Driving dangerously is a serious issue and can cause serious damage.

I’m 17 and licensed. The world is mine to travel.  I check my mirrors and buckle up before I put the car in drive.  I don’t speed.  I am a cautious driver , just ask my allstate insurance guy and he’ll tell you the same thing.  Some teens are not cautious drivers though.  They speed, they drink and drive and they do things that will be harmful to themselves and to others when they are behind the wheel.   In my opinion these people need to either become wiser with the way they drive or get their license revoked.

There are ways to make yourself a cautious driver, you can take drivers ed at school not only does this teach you the rules of the road but it also teaches you how to be cautious and gets you a discount on your car insurance.  Those things in general should be a reason to want to be a good driver. That and because you will be keeping yourself and others safe.

If there are more cautious drivers in the world we will all be alot safer and less tragic events will occur, like wrecks and unneccessary deaths.  We should buckle down on the law about cautious driving and try to make more people more aware.   If people are more aware of whats going on while they are driving the world will be a much safer place.


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