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{April 13, 2009}   Stresses on highschool students.



High school students today face many stresses, from school work, to part time jobs, to drama with friends and signifigant others to family issues.  Even with these stress issues students are expected to be fully concentrated on their school work and to make good grades this is a difficult task at some points though.

Recently at my school there was a suicide , the student who killed themselves was a people person, always knew how to have fun.  A total party animal.  But don’t get me wrong they had their stresses, school, parents, friends , drugs and every single day they had to come to school and deal with school work , homework and teachers.  Sometimes those stresses are just too much. 

I think that high school should be a place of learning and education.  But I don’t think that teachers should put so much pressure on students all the time, there are other ways to teach a child besides stressing them out to their limit.  Along with highschool stresses many students have part time jobs and work from right after school to very late hours in the evening which leaves very little time for homework, let alone sleep but you can’t afford a missing homework grade so you have to stay awake.

Students have so much weight on their shoulders to get their homework done , to preform well at work to put on a smiling face for their families and their friends.  We deserve more breaks and we deserve less stress its not healthy how much pressure highschool puts on us.

In conclusion I think stress can be a good thing , it makes you more determined and it allows you to focus on getting the job done, but I don’t think its healthy for one person to have so much stress they got to give us some slack every now and then. Its only fair for students to get a little bit of a break.  What do you think? Do you think there should be mroe stress or less?


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