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{March 30, 2009}   Affluenza


Have you ever heard the expression “keeping up with the Joneses“? The Joneses buy a new car, you buy a new car. The Joneses buy a brand new television you buy a brand new television. The term for this is affluenza, which basically means a stress and an indebtedness to keep up with the American dream. This not only happens in society but it happens in high schools as well. Young people spend their time and energy on keeping up with the latest trends and keeping up with the Joneses. Why do people do this though? What strives us to keep up with the latest thing? Is it a feeling of importance or do we just want to be in style? What makes us want to be like “the Joneses”?

Who are “the Joneses” of society? The rich, the wealthy the popular? In high schools the most popular girls are the Joneses they are who we refer to, to find out what to buy and what to wear. In my opinion this is a social disease. People are addicted to being up to date with the latest trend and with having all the new things, this is unhealthy and unsafe. How do we change this though? Can we really make people think for themselves and buy what is needed not what everyone else has? 

I believe that people should think for themselves.  So to break free from this indebtness to society, families, teenagers and just people in general should think for themselves and not resort to the Joneses telling them what to shop for.  People would be much happier this way.

In conclusion, why keep up with the Joneses when you can keep up with yourself and what you really need? Stop wasting money and time by doing things that everyone else does.  Enjoy your life and just be yourself.


{March 23, 2009}   School Uniforms
In highschool what you wear is a big part of identifying who you are, school uniforms take that identification away.    Most students at our school do not think we should change to uniforms, I agree.    Individuality is what makes life fun, if everyone was exactly the same and wore exactly the same thing life would be so dull.    Its nice to wake up every morning and being able to decide what you wear, noone wants a school board to pick out your entire wardrobe for them.   
 I believe that highshcools should not have uniforms. Although many schools want students to have uniforms to correct behavior issues, the uniforms will not change the way kids act.  If anything making the students wear uniforms will cause more behavioral problems within the school.  The school board should let students wear what they choose to wear but I do think that they should have rules involved such as no tummy shirts, or short skirts, or really baggy pants.  If students can wear what they want they can really show who they are.  Uniforms violate the students choice of wardrobe and fashion.
I have grown up in a world that tells us to be different and to express yourself. Each and everyday I express myself through what I wear and the clothes I put on. Schools are strict enough as it is and I think they should give kids the choice of what they wear since they don’t really give us the choice for anything else.  Uniforms should be the last resort of punishment for clothing vialations.
Picture yourself in a school, walking down the halls, your looking for a friend, but everyone is dressed the same and you can’t find your friend. THIS is what uniforms would be like, they would be a miserable onsight of the same thing over and over.  Nothing would ever change and nothing would be different.
In conclusion I do not think that any school should have school uniforms just because I believe in individuality. If you are reading this and you believe that schools shouldn’t permit uniforms, speak up.  I believe in a world where everyone should be able to wear what they choose to wear.sapporo-junior-high-school-female-uniforms3

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